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guess what!?

We are proud to announce we will be featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Friday August 10 at 8pm central and again on Saturday August 11 at 11am central.


“10 Great Places to Order a Genuine Jewish Nosh”

As at New York’s famed Katz’s deli, “you stand in line to get your food” from the counter. “It’s right next to the old Jewish section, on Jefferson near Maxwell Street. The corned beef and the chicken soup are really good. Lots of politicos go there for breakfast.
— USA Today

“The Closest Thing Chicago has to a New York Deli”

The closest thing Chicago has to a New York deli” is this Near South Side cafeteria where the mighty and the humble stand elbow to elbow for “Jewish comfort food” that includes “humongous corned beef sandwiches,” “wonderful kugel,” and “chicken soup that’ll cure what ails you;” addicts call it a “treasure” and “the most interesting lunchroom in town” (they serve breakfast too, but no dinner).
— Zagat

“On the Road, Still: Jane & Michael Stern Roll into Chicago”

Manny’s Coffee Shop and Deli is at the edge of Chicago’s loop, not far from where the everything-goes bazaar known as Maxwell Street once thrived. Maxwell Street is tame today, but the restaurant Manny Raskin opened a half century ago fairly bursts with the personality of downtown Chicago. A big, cafeteria-style eatery frequented by cops and wise guys, politicians and business people, and cured-meat lovers from the distant suburbs, Manny’s is one of Chicago’s grandest eating experiences.
— Chicago Tribune, Bill Daley, May 31, 2006